Technology has provided our world with unmatched growth and unique opportunities, one of which is the Blockchain. Over the last decade, this technological innovation, the Blockchain, has provided us with a different perspective on how investments are made, as well as how the world interacts and operates. Here at Bittera LTD, our purpose is to ensure that each of our clients enjoy the unique opportunities that comes with investing in financial markets.
Our aim is to educate, interact, and help you realize your financial goals. We are all about ensuring that you get nothing but the best forex and cryptocurrency experience. Our passion lies in online investments and we strive each day to bring our clients the most innovative and safest ways to enhance your investments in the financial markets. Through our reliable and competitive investment plans, our customers stand to enjoy better profits regardless of how volatile the market might be.
We are committed to helping you succeed in the crypto space as well as in conventional forex markets. Bittera is poised to take you to the next level with our attractive investment plans, relevant trading strategies, powerful indicators, and a host of other beneficial resources. Come on in and become part of a family of successful traders who have created their success stories with us.

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Bittera LTD is a company with vision, and we have made sure to reflect this in our investment plans. The major goal of our investment framework is to ensure that our clients see and seize opportunities that will significantly increase their chances of making better profits.

Daily Profit
3.5 %For 40 Days
Minimum Deposit: 0.005 BTC
Maximum Deposit: 0.02499 BTC
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.0009 BTC
Referral Commission